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Statement by RUE Grodnoenergo CEO Vladimir Shaternik


Dear visitors! Dear friends!

 Grodno republican unitary power enterprise ‘Grodnoenergo’ is a public company engaged in generation, transmission, distribution and sale of electricity to consumers within Grodno region and central supply of industrial enterprises and domestic sector with steam and heat in Grodno and Lida.

The story of Grodno power system began far back in 1959. Several power stations with total capacity over 43 MW powered by 35 kV lines were put into constant parallel operation for the first time in Grodno region.

Due to sustainable work of our power engineers, we have succeeded in creating an efficient and modern power system. Latest technologies and state-of-the-art equipment are brought into use at our power facilities. A multifunctional automatic control system is notable for its reliability. Besides power generation and supply, we are also involved in construction and agriculture and obtain a sanitarium and a training center. We take measures to increase power supply reliability, construct, redesign and renovate the existing facilities to ensure future competitiveness. Today we schedule and successfully bring into effect large-scale projects on increasing power generation of existing facilities along with construction of new power plants in Grodno region. These projects make a real perspective for the development of both local and republican power system. At the heart of all our achievements there are years of dedicated work of thousands of people, the continuity of generations of power engineers as well as the best traditions of the glorious legacy of our veterans. All this brings a deep sense of involvement to the issue of national importance – power generation.