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Organizational framework


Cтруктура РУП Гродноэнерго

Grodnoenergo RUE consists of 13 branch enterprises, of which relating energy generation and construction are:
  • four branch enterprises of electricity supply network in Grodno, Volkovysk, Lida and Oshmyany;
  • two branch enterprises of heat supply network in Grodno and Lida;
  • combined heat and power plant (Grodno CHP-2);
  • operator and in-process control facility;
  • branch of Energy inspection service;
  • construction and maintenance enterprise Energostroyremont;
Grodno and Lida heat supply networks consist of boiler plants, small-scale CHP and large CHP plants. Electricity supply network consists of HPP (Grodno HPP on Neman river belongs to Grodno electricity supply network).
Branch enterprises and Grodno CHP-2 include community facilities (nursery schools, hostels, medical rooms) along with catering facilities.
Sanitarium “Energetik” fulfills social services.
A training center specializes on training of human resources for energy generation.
An agro company “Stary Dvorec” became a branch company of Grodnoenergo RUE in 2005. It specializes in agricultural production.