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Investment strategy of Grodnoenergo RUE

Development strategy of Grodnoenergo RUE aims at:

  • electricity self-generation capacity improvement including due to the increase in efficiency of existing CHP plants and use of renewable energy sources;
  • development of electric networks, renovation of 330/220/110 kV substations, construction of new step-down substations for the purpose of increasing the reliability of electric power supply to consumers and providing residential districts and new industrial facilities with electricity supply;
  • construction of transmission lines for power distribution from the Belarusian NPP to the electric power system;
  • construction and reconstruction of heat supply networks and pumping stations in order to increase the efficiency of heat supply, including due to the large-scale replacement of conventional heating lines by modern ones with the installation of high-efficiency equipment;
  • construction of heat supply networks for residential districts in Grodno and Lida.

The implementation of the Grodnoenergo RUE development strategy will allow to increase the reliability of electricity and heat supply and effectiveness of fuel and energy resources consumption along with profitability of power production, transmission and distribution.

At present Grodno electric power system is involved in design and construction of new facilities. In the foreseeable future the major projects are:

  • renovation of turbogenerating set #2 at Grodno CHPP-2 with overage equipment replacement (turbine, generator, auxiliary equipment, etc.);
  • construction of transmission lines for power distribution from the nuclear power plant to the electric power system of the Republic of Belarus;

Most acceptable conditions for investments into Grodnoenergo RUE projects:

  • attraction of foreign direct investments for large-scale project implementation;
  • arrangement of credit by foreign partners for a period from 8 to 15 years.