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Development Strategy

Long-term development prospect of Grodno energy system. Review of essential strategic objects.   


Plant development aims to achieve following goals:  
  • Efficiency increase of energy production, transmission and distribution as well as enhancement of power supply reliability to the customers;
  • Reduction of harmful influence on the environment;
  • Meeting the energy demands primarily by means of central heating and cogeneration as well as renewable energy sources.
In order to achieve the goals work in the following areas is being carried out: 
  • Balanced modernization and development of energy system generation sources, electric power and heat network by introducing high-efficiency equipment, applying modern advanced technologies with decommissioning of less energy-efficient and out-dated equipment;
  • Reconstruction of existing energy sources aimed to increase energy production on heat consumption and reduction of production costs;
  • Building of new energy sources based on renewable energy– hydro- and wind-power plants;
  • Building of new GRID system and transformer substations;
  • Heat supply system modernization in Grodno and Lida;
  • Reduction of electrical and heat power technologic losses during transportation in electric power and heat network;
  • Load regimes optimization of electric power network, transforming substations, heat network and heat points;
  • Introduction of automated process control system.
     According to State program of Belarusian energy system development for the period till 2016 out of RUE «Grodnoenergo» main projects list:
Novogrudok wind-power station with a capacity of 9 MW (1,5 MW – in 2011; 7,5 МW – in 2016).
Grodno hydro power plant on Neman river with a capacity of 17МW – in 2012.
Gas turbine unit 121,7 МW at Grodno CHP-2  -  September of 2013.
the investment project is being implemented:
1. Aiming to connect building Belarusian nuclear power station with Belarusian energy system on the territory of Grodno, Minsk and Vitebsk regions, project "Nuclear power station building in the Republic of Belarus. The capacity output from nuclear power station and connections with the energy system" is being realized.
The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2018. 1032 km of new high voltage lines 330 kV and electric power substation 330 kV named "Postavy" are to be built, 672 km of existing high voltage lines 330 kV and 4 distribution devices on 3 substations 330 kV and Minsk CHP-4 are to be reconstructed.

2. Turbine set РР-60 reconstruction with electric generator and auxiliary equipment replacement at Grodno CHP-2.

According to implementation activities of electrical power system integrated development plan up to 2025 with consideration of Belarusian nuclear power plant being commissioned, adopted by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of March 2016 No.169: 
preparing project documentation for electric boiler installation at Grodno CHP-2 (60 МW) and at mini-CHP Severnaya (30 МW);
considering the issue of electric boiler installation at Lida CHP (10 МW).