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   Grodno republican unitary enterprise of electric power industry Grodnoenergo is a state-owned enterprise engaged in production, transmission, distribution and sale of electric energy to consumers within the Grodno region, centralized steam and heat supply of industrial enterprises and domestic household sector in Grodno and Lida. Grodno electric power system began to develop in 1959 when for the first time in the region several electrical power stations with total capacity of more than 42 MW were put into regular parallel operation through 35kV electric power lines. As a result, due to the effective work of several generations of Grodno power engineers, modern power system has been developed and is successfully functioning nowadays. Advanced technologies and state-of-the-art equipment are introduced into power facilities of the enterprise; multifunctional automated control system is reliable in operation.  In addition to the main function of energy production and supply, Grodnoenergo RUE develops construction engineering and agricultural sector, ensures effective functioning of the industry-sponsored health resort and Training center of the enterprise. Collective work aimed at power supply reliability improvement, construction of new power facilities, reconstruction and modernization of the existing ones is the keystone of success in the future.

Nowadays, large-scale projects on increasing power generation at existing facilities along with construction of new power plants in the Grodno region are scheduled and being implemented. These projects make a real perspective for the development of both local and republican power systems. The result of long-term, purposeful work of thousands of people, intergenerational continuity among power engineers, best traditions and glorious legacy of the veterans, everything that gives a deep sense of belonging to the matter of national importance, electrical power industry, are at the heart of all the achievements.


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 You can become acquainted with the detailed information on Construction of Nemnovskaya hydro­electric power plant (20 MW) investment project implementation at  THIS PAGE of our web-site!  We look forward to cooperating with you!